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Cupcakes and Mad tea parties…

As I am writing this post, my mind is humming  “a very merry unbirthday…” from the classic Alice in Wonderland movie…

Because when I think of cupcakes,  the colourful images of that “Mad tea party” with those gorgeously decorated coloured cupcakes and sweets,  gets my mind swirling with colour and inspiration as  my mouth waters at the hint of it!

cupcakelove Cape Town

Mad Hatter Cupcakes - Image by Robyn Kew (Cupcakelove Cape Town)

And now the magnificently playful Robin Kew from Cupcake love – Cape Town, is coming to the Merry Widow on the 24 September, to do an all-indulging-afternoon Cupcake-workshop at theMill where we’ll be dreaming like Alice and creating fun new designs with cupcakes, followed by our own decadent “spring tea-party in the garden” ….

To  join us this week-end,  follow the link to visit our Facebook invitation site.



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Welcome to The Merry Widow Country Retreat’s new blog

Due to the new and exciting changes and events happening at The Merry Widow Country Retreat Hopefield, we have decided to add a blog, a place for stories, sharing and daring ….

Please come visit us again soon as we will be updating our blog for your reading pleasure.. We always love to hear from you, so please feel free to add any comments or ideas.

Love light peace and tranquility,

The Merry Widow

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